Halikaki Athletic Center
Across the street from  our coworking office in Athens CoWork.gr you have access to Halikaki

– 28.000 sq meters of culture & green
for exercize or relaxation.
For inspiring coffee breaks from your office at CoWork.gr with views of the Saronic Gulf .Perfect for outdoor brainstorming
For presentations, speeches, happenings at CoWork.gr while gazing at the Saronic sea.
Outdoor Gym.
Sheltered gym equipment for the athletic minded for year round free exercise on leaving your office at CoWork.gr 
< Nούς υγιής έν σώματι υγιεί > Αncient greek saying translated < Healthy mind in healthy body>
The best tartan in Athens with stunning views of the Saronic sea and the island of Aegina..Open daily